Singers welcome!

If you like singing, and want to try your hand at competing, this is the contest for you! Join the Karaoke Competition and show what those pipes have got.

Preliminary rounds will be held at Nocturna Lounge from 3:00pm until 6:30pm on the following dates:

  • March 22, 2020
  • April 19, 2020

Please arrive at the beginning of the round time, if you arrive after the judges have completed judging we will not be able to accommodate you. Karaoke preliminary round lengths vary based on amount of entrants, so the only way to guarantee you can compete is by arriving before the round begins.

For the preliminary rounds, you can choose your karaoke track from Nocturna’s karaoke library. If you make it to the semi-finals and/or finals, you will need to send us your track in mp3 format in advance of the event. Please contact before your preliminary round at if you would like to sing in the prelims with a track not found in the Nocturna library.

Karaoke Preliminary Rounds

Want to be the next Kawaii Kon rockstar? Enter Kawaii Kon’s Karaoke Kompetition for your chance to make it to the big time (at least at our show)!

Preliminaries will be held:

  • March 22, 2020
  • April 19, 2020

Rules & Information

  • You may either sing a capella — without music, or with audio accompaniment. The music cannot have any vocals aside from backup vocals.
  • You may choose any song of your liking for the preliminary rounds, provided that it does not contain excessive swearing. Please keep it family friendly. If you are unsure about your song selection, feel free to email the events department.
  • Duets are allowed; but please notify us in advance if you intend to enter as such. Please note that only one prize will be awarded.
  • Each preliminary round will have four winners. There will be a total of eight entrants in the semi-finals.

You will be judged on:

  • Song Difficulty
  • Stage Presence
  • Vocal Quality
  • Crowd Response

After the winners are announced, the judges will be available for questions. It is suggested and encouraged that you talk to them, regardless of whether or not you won. They will be able to tell you what you did well and what you need to work on for semi-finals/the next preliminary round.

The preliminary rounds will likely proceed in this manner

  • Check in with events staffer; they will give you your order number and confirm your song with you.
  • Singing will commence
  • Judges will deliberate
  • Winners will be announced
  • Winners will have photos taken

Please note that the eventual winner of the karaoke competition will have performed AT MINIMUM two songs. Songs may be reused as long as they fit the criteria for each round. When you are chosen as a semi-finalist, you should have two songs practiced and ready to be performed by the time Kawaii Kon 2020 rolls around. Anime-related songs, and songs in other languages are encouraged and accepted!

Please read the rules for each individual round for more information.

Karaoke Semi-Finals

So you’ve proven you can kick vocal butt. Do you have what it takes to make it to the final three?

Semi-Finals for the Karaoke Kompetition will take place on Friday, May 15th, during the convention.

  • All participants are required to have purchased a badge for the day of the competition. You will not be allowed to compete if you do not have a badge.
  • Any song may be performed for this round, so long as the song is family friendly.
  • You must submit your song to the events department before May 1, 2020. Please notify the department via email of your selections, and bring your own flash drive with your songs on it. If you need different accommodations, please send us an email and we’ll make special arrangements.
  • Semi-finalists must show up to the designated room 30 minutes before the listed start time, in order to make sure everything is in working order. You will be given a number and asked to confirm the song you will be singing.

You will once again be judged on:

  • Song Difficulty
  • Stage Presence
  • Vocal Quality
  • Crowd Response

Once everyone has performed, there will be a short deliberation period, and the three contestants will be selected to move onto the final round.

Once you have been selected as a finalist, you must submit the two final songs you intend to sing to the Events Department before Midnight on Saturday of the convention. The same rules apply to your final two selections (family friendly, no swearing). Again, anime-related and songs in other languages are encouraged and accepted!

Karaoke Finals

Congratulations! You now qualify for the title of amazing! But don’t quit now! Just one more round and you can claim the title of Supreme Overlord of Kon Karaoke 2020!

If you have been chosen as a finalist, and you will be using backing music for the finals, you have until Midnight on Saturday of the convention to turn in your final selections to the Events Department.

Be sure to label your flash drive with your name and contestant number from the semi-finals.

  • Each of the 3 finalists needs to have purchased a badge to get into the convention for that day. You won’t be allowed into the room to perform without a badge.
  • 15 minutes before the event, each finalist must report to room 311 (Subject to change). The order that everyone will perform in will be posted.
  • Each finalist will perform 2 songs of his or her choice. It can be anything you want- with one exception; no swearing at all.
  • You will be judged by a panel of judges, on the same criteria as the previous rounds:
    • Song Difficulty
    • Stage Presence
    • Vocal Quality
    • Crowd Response
  • The judges reserve the right to stop the performance at any point.
  • Once everyone has performed, there will be a deliberation period, after which we will choose our winner! In addition to this prize, Karaoke winners are often given the opportunity to perform at various Kawaii Kon events throughout the year. Don’t be afraid to show Hawaii your talent!