How do I transfer my membership to someone else?

  • If you purchased a membership for Kawaii Kon 2023, you can log into your Eventeny account and change the Attendee
    information. If you are unable to do so, please email us at for assistance.

Can I pick up my friends or family’s memberships?

  • Because we need to verify each attendee’s vaccination status, unfortunately we will not be able to allow for third party pick ups in 2022.

Is there a hotel special?

  • Hotel special TBA

What does Preregistration mean?

  • Preregistration is buying a membership to Kawaii Kon before the convention begins.

Where am I able to buy a membership before the convention starts?

  • Preregistration is available starting on the Saturday of the convention for the following year. After that, you will be able to purchase your membership online, as well at various events that Kawaii Kon is invited to throughout the year. Please follow our official Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for updates on where we’ll be!

What is the cutoff date for online orders?

If I buy a membership online will my pass be mailed to me?

  • No. You must pick up your membership during Registration’s operating hours during the weekend of the convention.

Where do I go to pick up my membership?

  • Registration is located through the doors of Kamehameha Exhibit Hall III on the first floor of the Hawaii Convention Center. Your membership badge can be picked up there. Make sure you get in the right line so you don’t have to stand in line twice! The Pre-Registration line is for those who purchased a membership before the show. The Walk In Registration line is for those who plan on purchasing a membership in person.

What is required to pick up my preregistered membership?

  • You will need to bring a print out or digital copy of your confirmation email (we recommend taking a screenshot so you don’t have to wait for it to load!) and a matching valid form of ID. The name on your confirmation must match the name on your ID.

What types of photo IDs are accepted?

Valid Photo I.D. that Kawaii Kon will accept are, but not limited to:

  • State-issued I.D.
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • School/ College/ University I.D.
  • Armed Forces I.D.

What if I do not have my photo I.D.?

  • The membership will not be released, so please double check before you leave your house!

What do I do if I preregistered at last year’s convention, but did not receive a confirmation email?

I bought my membership online, but I lost the confirmation email. Can Kawaii Kon resend it?

  • Before emailing Registration, please try to locate the original email by searching your e-mail spam/inbox or logging back into Eventeny.

What time are we allowed to line up on Thursday night?

  • You may begin lining up at 3pm. Registration will be open from 4pm to 7pm to hand out preregistered 3-day membership badges. You will be able to purchase 3-day memberships during times 5pm to 7pm on Thursday as well.

If I preregistered, do I have to pick up my membership on Thursday?

  • No. You can pick up your membership on any day of the convention weekend. Registration offers the convenience of Thursday night pick up for those who wish to enjoy Kawaii Kon without losing time in the registration lines.

Will you be accepting At-the-Door Registrations on Thursday?

  • Yes. There will be a separate line for those who wish to register on Thursday night. Only 3-day memberships passes will be sold on Thursday night from 5pm to 7pm.

If I’m only going to be purchasing a One-Day membership, will I be able to purchase it on Friday for Saturday?

  • No. One day memberships will need to be purchased on the day that you decide to attend. This means you can only purchase a 1 day Friday membership on Friday, a 1 day Saturday membership on Saturday, and a 1 day Sunday membership on Sunday.

What do I need to purchase a membership at the door?

  • You will need a complete copy of this At-the-Door Form (we’ll have them available at the show too!), and a valid form of ID.

What type of credit cards does Kawaii Kon accept?

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • AMEX

I bought a T-shirt/Special Event Ticket etc. online. Where and when am I able to pick it up?

  • They will be available for pick up at Kawaii Kon’s merchandise table located in the dealer’s room as early as 11:00am on the Friday of the convention weekend.

Help! I lost my membership! What do I do?

  • Please check with Lost & Found first before mentally preparing yourself to pay the full price to replace your lost pass.

Does Kawaii Kon enforce Hawaii’s Truancy Laws?

  • Yes. Since the Friday of the convention is a school day, and being that Kawaii Kon is a convention that is dedicated to creating a broader awareness & appreciation for Japanese animation and culture, we encourage the education of the attending students. We will not allow students to pick up their passes until after 12:00pm on Friday.

Does Kawaii Kon offer discounts for large school anime clubs?

  • Yes. Please have the club advisor contact the Registration Department at for an inquiry. Emails from students will not be accepted.