Cosplay Cafe

Are you ready to power-up your con experience? Look no further! Our Cosplay Cafe is the perfect pitstop nestled within the heart of the convention’s excitement.

~Sweeten Your Adventure! ~ Indulge in our legendary dessert brownies, a fan-favorite treat that has attendees coming back for more, year after year. Our selection of enchanting refreshments is curated to delight your taste buds and recharge your energy.

~Play, Laugh, and Relax!~ Gather around for engaging games with our staff for “Challenge the Server”or our mini events and share laughs with fellow con goers! Our cafe radiates a warm, welcoming vibe! Whether it’s between panels, shopping, or after an epic photo shoot, our Cosplay Cafe is your sanctuary to refresh your spirits, relax with friends, and have fun with our crew.

~Be Entertained by our Maids & Butlers!~ Our crew, dressed in cosplays and outfits, are ready to serve and entertain! Just make sure to respect them and follow our rules!

~ Snap A Chekki! ~ Don’t miss the chance to capture memorable moments with our crew by buying a chekki – a photo opportunity that’s as awesome as our brownies! Ready for a dose of deliciousness and delight? We can’t wait to welcome you! Join us at the Cosplay Cafe for a fun and chill experience!

Want more information about the Cosplay Cafe or our rules? Check out our website:

Want to reserve beforehand? (Limited reserved seats, though walk-ins are encouraged!): Form TBA!

The Cosplay Cafe will take guests who have made Reservations and Walk Ins!
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