What is the Artists Alley?

  • The Artist Alley is where you can find handcrafted and original items. Each artists brings unique creations to the show. If you are looking for something completely unique, or even a commissioned drawing or work of art, this may be the place for you!

What makes the Artists Alley different from Dealer’s Room?

  • Lots of things! All of the merchandise in the Artists Alley is handcrafted or created in limited quantities. Original pieces can be found here. The Dealer’s Room offers mass-produced and licensed items from your favorite anime and shows. The Artist Alley primarily deals in artwork and handmade crafts.

What is there to do in the Artist Alley?

  • In addition to being able to purchase lots of unique and original crafts and prints, the artist alley is also home to several events, including auctions, and drawing competitions!