Kawaii Kon Video Art Showcase Theater Contest Rules 2018

This year at Kawaii Kon 2018, we have not one, not two, but three showcases you can enter your videos in. Rules for each are detailed below.

  1. Video Art Showcase Theater (VAST) Contest
  2. Varied Theme Contest (VTC)
  3. Video Medley (VM) Showcase

1. Main Rules for the Video Art Showcase Theater Contest

Who can enter?

The contest is open to all participants. Although it is strongly encouraged participants in the contest be attendees, attendance is not a requirement for entry. The staffers and judges of VAST will not be able to participate, however other Kawaii Kon staffers are free to enter. Please read and understand all the rules listed below.

What can I enter?

Video art is defined as a video production work of editing, mixing audio sources (mostly, but not limited to, music) and video sources (again mostly, but not limited to, anime). Original production video art is welcome and encouraged. Live action and/or self-animated works (by computer or otherwise) are also welcome, but may be judged separately if warranted by the number of entries submitted.

To enter, you must be the creator (or one of the creators if it is a multi-editor project) of the video production work being entered. You may not enter a video that you did not create nor can you enter a video anonymously.
For the main VAST Contest, there is a limit of two videos per entrant / group. The preferred video limit length is to 4 minutes or less. Although discouraged, videos will not be disqualified if it exceeds this length.

The only exclusion is for videos that have been sent to previous Kawaii Kon contests or entered into other VAST showcases in the same year. These videos are ineligible for competition in the VAST Contest.

Where can I enter?

You can enter your video into the contest electronically only by public file transfer websites that do not require a membership to download the files or through your own hosting website. Youtube entries are not acceptable.

As the contest will be judged prior to the convention, no entries can be accepted at Kawaii Kon in person.

Google Drive is one of the better public file transfer websites to upload your entry to as it offers 10GB+ of cloud storage.

When can I enter?

Video submissions will be accepted starting NOW!
Entries will be accepted until Friday, January 12, 2018 @ 11:59pm HST.

How do I enter?

Entry Form

To enter your video, you must submit a completed an online entry form along with each of your video entries. If you enter multiple videos, you must complete multiple entry forms. It is one form for each video.
Note: If submitting a multi-editor project, list all the editors in the real name and editor name sections in order above, with the contact person as the first person listed. For the address, phone number, and email address, only the contact person’s information is required.

The VAST Department will send you a confirmation email when your entry is received and tested in our system.


Please upload your video to any public file transfer websites such as Google Drive or Sendspace etc so that the url will be available to download. Copy and paste the url under “Video File URL” on the online entry form.

File Naming Convention

All video files submitted must be named in the following format:
Creator – title.file type
Creator – your editor name (or real name if you prefer)
Title – the title of your video (if any)

Video Entry Requirements

Bumpers, title screens, credits, or any other form of creator / footage / audio identification are discouraged, but allowed: you will not be disqualified for their inclusion. We will be adding custom title screens to identify each video so there really isn’t a need for them on your submitted files, so if at all possible, please remove them.
Addition of two seconds of blank / black is optional and not required.
For judging purposes, videos will be scored on the actual submitted file. For contest playback purposes, submitted files will be converted to the preferred format (see below).

Video Formats:

Preferred container format – MP4/MKV. The VAST contest is designed to run off a Windows Media Player Classic – Home Cinema on PC using DXVA GPU acceleration, so the preferred container format for video submissions is either MP4 or MKV.
MP4 / MKV Container Profile (Preferred Format):
Resolution: 640×480 minimum, 1920×1080 maximum
Framerate: 23.976 / 24 fps minimum
Audio: AC-3/AAC at 44 kHz, stereo audio, 224 kps or higher
Video: H.264 or x.264
MPEG-2 Profile:
Resolution: 720 x 480 (if you use the correct aspect ratio flag, letterboxing is not required)
Framerate: 29.970 fps
Audio: MP2 at 48 kHz, stereo audio only, 224 kbps or higher, no variable audio bit rates
Video: 8000 kbit/s max, progressive
Other video formats are welcome except for AVCHD video (.m2t) and QuickTime (.mov). Just in case, be prepared to create other file types if we are unable to convert your file to the preferred format.
Non-MPEG-2 Profile:
Resolution: 640×480 is the recommended minimum
Framerate: 23.976 / 24 fps minimum
Audio: any suitable audio format per your container files at a suitably high (192 kbps or higher) bitrate.
AVI containers using the following codecs – DIVX, XVID, HuffYUV, Lagarith, DV-AVI, or the standard compliment of codecs installed by Windows.
WMV – Please follow the resolution/sound rules above for any Windows Media format. Please make sure the video is UNLOCKED, and use high bitrates for better quality. Better still would be to output to DV-AVI and submit this instead (or use this to convert to H.265/x.264 yourself).

2. Varied Theme Contest Rules (VTC-02)

The theme for this year’s special category is Parody. For the special category, we define “parody” as short duration video art that uses a non-song audio source to create an imitation of an advertisement / trailer, television program, movie, video game, or other form of content that are not usually covered by the term “music video” and usually (although not required) done in a comedic tone. By ‘non-song’ audio, we mean audio sources that are: spoken in nature; musical advertising jingles; portions of songs used in advertising; or other similar audio sources.
All technical rules from the VAST main contest apply: listed below are VTC’s variations from those rules.
The all rules for the VAST VA Contest applies to the VTC with the following modifications:

  1. You may enter up to three videos into the VTC.
  2. The total time of all of your VTC entries must be equal to or less than three minutes when all the times are added together. For example, if you are entering three videos, one can be 30 seconds, the second 45 seconds, and the third 60 seconds. Any combination of durations is allowed as long as the total time does not exceed 180 seconds / 3 minutes.
  3. Entries into the VTC cannot be entered into the Main VA Contest: you must choose to enter your video into one or the other contest, and not both.
  4. To see an example of what a parody entry looks like, view an example here.
    Online VTC-02 form can be found here: Kawaii Kon 2018 VTC-02 Online Entry Form

3. Video Medley (VM) Showcase

The Video Medley is a chance for editors to have their work shown in a non-competitive environment outside of our main VAST Video Art Contest. If you would like to have your Video Art shown in the Video Melody, please follow the rules listed below

  1. All rules for the main VAST Contest will apply with the following exceptions:
    1. Entry Time Length: entries can be of any length, but shorter entries (about three minutes in length) are preferred as they offer us the most flexibility of programming.
    2. Maximum Number: you are allowed to submit no more than three videos into the Expo. We will try to show as many different video creators as possible, so the more you send us, the less likely we will be able to show them all.
    3. VAST Contests Exclusion: you may not enter the same video in both the Expo and either the main VA Contest or the VTC in the same year – you must choose which category it will be entered in. You may send in a video to Expo that has already been entered into previous year’s VAST contests, just not the same one to either contest in the same year.
    4. Video Content: Kawaii Kon is an all ages convention, so family-friendly content is preferred but not required. Non family-friendly videos can be submitted, but their inclusion into programing would be very limited.
    5. Credits: Unlike the contests, credits are encouraged in Expo, but not required: just note that custom bumpers may not be provided for videos that lack credits.
    6. Expo Form: There is a separate form for Expo. If you are entering a video for Expo, don’t use the VAST main/VTC entry form.

Online VAST Video Medley form can be found here: Kawaii Kon 2018 Video Medley Form

Final Notes

By submitting your video to this contest, you authorize Kawaii Kon staff to screen and distribute it under the Kawaii Kon and / or Kawaii Kon Video Art Showcase Theater (VAST) Contest title. Kawaii Kon staff reserves the right to disqualify entries for any reason deemed necessary to protect the overall quality and integrity of the event. Entries may be disqualified for any of the following reasons: objectionable content, low quality video / audio, failure to adhere to the contest rules, and / or at the discretion of the VAST Department.

Kawaii Kon VAST Contest Information

The information thread will be posted on AnimeMusicVideos.org forums and Kawaii Kon website. The winners / playlist will also be posted after the contest is over.

If you have any questions or concerns on any of the above, please feel free to contact us at

Thank you for participating and good luck to all!