Consisting of TOPHAMHAT-KYO (aka AO, rapper, R) and DYES IWASAKI (beat maker, L), FAKE TYPE.’s motto is to create dance music that’s pop, crazy, melodious and intricate.  When self-proclaimed fakers create something fake, is it still fake? They question listeners by converting their visions into one-of-a-kind music.

In 2013 they sold out their self-produced mini album and since then, they secured a unique position in the music scene with lightning-fast rap & anime music videos.  They are also highly sought-after as songwriters and are constantly writing for other artists and games.

The 2019 hit song “Princess” (over 30 million views on YouTube, 2019) inspired Eiichiro Oda, a manga artist, to create a mega-hit anime film “One Piece Film: Red” (2022).  The duo wrote a song “Fleeing Lullaby” for the film, and the song (performed by Ado) raked over 10 million views on YouTube in a little over 2 weeks since its release.

Following the release of their latest studio album “FAKE SWING” (November 2022, Universal Music), they successfully completed a 5-city Japan tour.  Exciting releases and projects are coming up in 2024!