Juliet Simmons is a part time human being; part-time anime binge watcher and sleepless college student. While awake, she’s an actress and vocalist, voicing a variety of characters at Sentai Filmworks while also recording covers as the popular YouTube singer & utaite, JubyPhonic. In her 5+ years at Sentai Filmworks, Juliet has performed in over 60 shows. She was nominated for BTVA Awards in 2015 and 2018 and also appeared on Cartoon Network’s Toonami in Akame Ga Kill as the villain Kurome. Her favorite roles include Chiyo from Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun, Hello Kitty in Hello Kitty & Friends, Midori Tokiwa from Tamako Market, Kurumi fro School LIVE, and getting to both sing and act as Nino from Anonymous Noise.

JubyPhonic is Juliet’s singer persona and YouTube channel name with 700,000+ subscribers. As JubyPhonic, she records English covers of VOCALOID & anime songs. She writes translated lyrics, sings, records, and mixes, subtitles, and whatever else it takes to complete a project before the sweet release of death comes. Her purpose is to make her favorite songs accessible to a broader audience by bridging the Japanese – English language gap. Ultimately the channel took off quickly, and she never looked back.