Dealer’s Room 2024 Map

What is the Dealer’s Room?

  • The Dealer’s Room is where you can find licensed items from your favorite anime, manga, and occasionally other fandoms. Items found here range from the official plush of a series to DVDs and manga, to licensed charms and figurines.

What makes the Dealer’s Room different from the Artists Alley?

  • Lots of things! All of the merchandise in the Dealer’s room is from official sources. Limited edition and rare items can occasionally be found if you search hard enough, and this is a great place to look for hard to find gifts. The Artist Alley primarily features hand made and unique items, where the Dealer’s Room is the place to find official merch from your favorite shows.

Where is the Dealer’s Room?

  • The Dealer’s Room is located in the exhibit hall on the first floor of the Hawaii Convention Center.

What are the Dealer’s Room Hours?


  • 2:00 PM Dealer’s Room Set-Up
  • 7 PM Dealer’s Room Set-Up Closed


  • 9:00AM Dealer’s Room Setup
  • 11:00AM Dealer’s Room Opens
  • 7:00PM Dealer’s Room Closes


  • 9:00AM Dealer’s Room Setup
  • 10:00AM Dealer’s Room Opens
  • 6:00PM Dealer’s Room Closes


  • 9:00AM Dealer’s Room Setup
  • 10:00AM Dealer’s Room Opens
  • 4:00PM Dealer’s Room Closes