Kawaii Kon Props Policy


These rules are for the safety of those in attendance at Kawaii Kon, and to allow those in costume to wear them responsibly at our convention. We enforce the props policy to ensure the safety of all those attending Kawaii Kon, and we maintain a strict Props Policy.

We appreciate the time and effort put into the creation of your costumes, props, and replica weapon/weapon-like items and understand that props are often a vital part of a character’s costume. However, safety does come first.

Please read and understand Kawaii Kon’s Props Policy before using/making any props for your costume. It is imperative that any props or weapon-like items (called ‘Props’ from here on forward for simplicity’s sake) comply with Kawaii Kon’s Props Policy as well as with all local, state, and federal laws. This policy is not a summary of the laws nor does this policy constitute legal advice. You are solely responsible for understanding and complying with all applicable laws.

New for 2024!!! Metal Detectors are now being implemented at the Hawaii Convention Center.

No Metal props (eg. swords, bludgeons, knives, kunai, etc..)

No Airsoft of any type are allowed.

See further information at General Guidelines


  • All props will need to be submitted to the Kawaii Kon Public Safety Department for inspection prior to being allowed within the convention area. A props inspection desk will be stationed next to metal detectors at the main convention and parking levels.
  • All items must be inspected and peace bound for compliance with this prop policy. The peace bond must be visible at all times to indicate that the item has been inspected.
  • There may be times where a judgment call by the Public Safety Department props inspectors will need to be made on the acceptability of a prop. Please understand that Kawaii Kon reserves the right to refuse the entry of any prop deemed unfit, ill-constructed or unsafe to the convention.

Uncostumed prop bearing

  • All props should support the overall look that you are currently wearing. Wearing a prop for its own sake is not allowed. For example: you may not wear regular street clothes and carry a sword. Now, we understand that there may be characters that do wear ‘regular’ street clothes and carry props – but if you are ‘costumed’ and you are stopped for violating this rule and you cannot convince Public Safety Crew that you are cosplaying as ABC from XYZ, you may need to rethink your costume. The prop in question will need to be taken off Kawaii Kon/Hawaii Convention Center property immediately.


  • Brandishing is defined as drawing, exhibiting, waving or using any item, prop in an unsafe manner. Any such display of an item, prop in an aggressive or threatening manner, real or implied regardless of intent, or any other activity thought to be unsafe is strictly forbidden.
  • The only exception to the brandishing rule is for photography/video recording. For the limited period you are posing and if the area around you is clear of bystanders. You are allowed to pose with an item or prop in a brandishing-like manner so long as no reasonable person would interpret the pose as anything but safe and no real threat. However, please exercise great caution when doing so – we want everyone (including yourself) to be safe!
  • Misuse of a prop can be considered grounds for ejection from the convention. Anyone brandishing an item or prop will be warned and asked to remove said item from the convention grounds. If the individual ignores this warning and/or brings the banned item back, he or she may face membership badge forfeiture and ejection from the convention.
  • Anyone found fighting (real or otherwise) or threatening someone with an item or prop will be immediately ejected from the convention grounds, and their membership badge confiscated. They may also be turned over to the local authorities as required.
  • The Directors and Public Safety Crew of Kawaii Kon, and the Hawaii Convention Center Security, in their sole and absolute discretion, are empowered to determine whether a particular act constitutes “brandishing” and its severity.

General Guidelines

Starting Kawaii Kon 2024 There will be METAL DETECTORS !_!

Edged / Metal Props

  • No sharpened edged props
  • No unsheathed edged props
  • No sheathed edged props
  • No metal edged props
  • No metal props

Clubs / Blugeoning props (including wooden swords)

  • No rigid metal piping may be used in the construction of any prop
  • Avoid using brittle materials (for example, glass or acrylic sheet) in the construction of any prop
  • No ‘sharp’ points – all points must be constructed of non-rigid/soft materials
  • Keep weight in mind – the bigger an item is, the lighter the construction material is required

Miscellaneous props

  • Bows & slingshots – real bows and slingshots may be used, but without or lacking tension in bowstrings and no propelling tubing
  • Chains – no metal chains. Short lengths of plastic chain (12″ or less) are acceptable
  • Whips – whips which are peace bonded to prevent uncoiling will be permitted.

Prop Firearms

  • No real guns of any type are allowed.
  • No metal pellet/BB guns are allowed.
  • No paintball of any type are allowed.
  • No Airsoft of any type are allowed.
    • Even if deactivated.
    • Or de-milled.
  • ‘Nerf’-type props – allowed as long as no ammunition is present
    • Nerf Supersoakers are not allowed.
    • Nerf Gel Blasters are not allowed.
  • No Water guns of any type are allowed.
  • All ‘firearms’ must have an orange tip and it must be present on the prop at all times. When holstered, either the orange tip must be visible through the holster, or the prop’s peace bond must be visible.