Welcome members of the Press!


In order to be considered “Press” and to receive complimentary entrance to this year’s convention, individuals will need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Currently employed by a recognized active media organization (i.e. magazine, newspapers, etc.), radio, television or cable or affiliate station, newscast and/or online magazine with a minimum of 10,000+ unique hits per month, verified via Google Analytics.
  • Streamers or vloggers should have a minimum of 5,000 followers (Twitch) or a minimum of 5,000 subscribers (YouTube) and be partnered.
    • Streamers, if you are able, we request you livestream at the Kon for one hour a day.
  • Writers/ Reporters from high school and university level publications are encouraged to apply as well. In these cases we respectfully request that a letter of intent signed by you and your editor-in-chief or adviser on an official school letterhead is provided with your application.
    • Please also note that we will not provide a press pass for your advisers. Chaperones are welcome to enjoy the convention by registering through the normal attendee system. Chaperones may pick up their pass through the standard queue located on the first floor of the Hawaii Convention Center.
  • Taking photos of the cosplayers who attend the convention can be done without a press pass; therefore we reserve the right to deny applications of that nature.  Cosplay-related media outlets should email press@kawaiikon.com to clarify their intent for content and coverage or may risk their application being declined.
  • We reserve the right to request a business card with stated company name, individual name and contact information, or a recent company pay-stub if needed for additional verification.
    • Please be aware that we will not accept business cards without printed contact names due to the risk of misappropriation.
  • Valid government issued picture ID.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age by or on March 29, 2024.


  • After you complete your application, you and your editor will receive an email for confirmation. Your Editor or Supervisor must respond to confirm that you are applying to represent the organization.
  • Once the application has been reviewed, editor confirmation received, and application is accepted, you will be sent a confirmation email. Additionally you will be placed on the admission list for press. Please be aware that you will still be required to present a picture ID when picking up your pass.
  • Online application must be completed by March 22+, 2024.
    • Applications that are submitted after the deadline may or may not be considered or approved. Information that cannot be verified on the spot may result in denial of the press pass.
  • Press pass holders must follow all COVID19 protocols and convention code of conduct.
  • Important: We require all final products that are published to be submitted to press@kawaiikon.com upon their release for our historical records. All submissions must be made by June 30, 2024.

Press FAQs

I recently applied for a press pass. How long until I hear whether or not I’ve been approved?

  • The wait time for a response is approximately 2 weeks.

Do press passes come with a guest pass?

  • No. Only the person whose name is on the pass is allowed entry. Every individual must register for his or her own pass.

I plan on bringing a camera operator or photographer to Kawaii Kon with me. Do I need to register them as well?

  • Yes. Each individual MUST have their own pass. Every member of your team must register for a pass either online or on-site.

I need to register for my entire team, is this possible?

  • Yes, but you’ll need their basic info handy (full name, email, phone, etc.) A confirmation email will then be sent to them and they’ll need to finalize the registration on their own. Complimentary press passes are limited to 5  people per company. If your team consists of more than 5 people, additional employees can gain entrance at the regular rate.

I will only be at Kawaii Kon for a few hours. Do I still need to register?

  • Yes. We have security throughout the convention area that will stop you from entering the third and fourth floors, and the exhibit hall if you do not have a pass.

I’m a freelance reporter. Will I be accepted?

  • Freelance reporters must present at least 2 articles authored by them that have been featured on either an online or print news magazine.

A member of my team is not able to make it. Can I send someone else in their place?

  • No. Each pass issued belongs only to the person whose name is on the pass. If you are going to send someone else, they need to apply online before the cutoff date, only exceptional cases will onsite registration be allowed.

I was not approved for a press pass and feel this was an error. Where can I send my credentials?

  • Please send a copy of your credentials to press@kawaiikon.com. If you have questions on what to include, please see the top of this page page.

I wasn’t able to register before the online cut-off date. Can I still apply?

  • For exceptional cases only will on-site registration be allowed. You must still email press@kawaiikon.com your intentions and we will provide additional instruction. You must still meet all qualifications listed at the top of this page.

Does my press pass give me access to all ticketed events?

  • Yes and no. Outside of ticketed events there will be a log for members of the press. You are welcome to view the event, but if you want to participate you must purchase a pass. In either case we ask that you wear the events appropriate attire.

Can you send me my press pass in the mail so I don’t have to pick it up?

  • No. Due to security concerns, you must present a valid picture ID to a Kawaii Kon staff member in order to pick up your press pass.

When / where can I pick up my press pass?

  • We will email all approved members of the press a detailed description of when, where and how to pick up your press pass once that information is confirmed.

Can I send a runner to pick up my company’s press passes or do I need to do it in person?

  • No, each individual must pick up his or her press pass in person. A valid picture ID must be presented.

Do I need to carry my press pass with me everywhere?

  • Yes. You will not be allowed entry into any Kawaii Kon event without it. No exceptions.

What if I lose my press pass on-site?

  • In the event that you lose your pass, please visit the registration area and we will sell you a new pass for the at door price.

Is there a Kawaii Kon mailing list?

  • The Kawaii Kon mailing list receives all pertinent programming and guest announcements for this year. Please sign up for it in the footer of this page if you would like to receive these updates.

Will there be interpreters on hand for the guest panels and press conferences?

  • Yes. If a non-English speaking guest is holding a panel or conference, a professional interpreter will be on hand to assist.

Who can I talk to about obtaining an official interview from a Kawaii Kon representative? Who can I talk to get more info or background on Kawaii Kon?

Photo / Video Policy

  • These guidelines are subject to change. At no point should any footage/photography taken at Kawaii Kon be sold for profit. Photography and video is permissible in the common areas and in most panels. You will be notified by KK staff or a posted sign if photo/video is not allowed in a particular event. Please respect our attendees and Guests wishes if they decline to be photographed or filmed. Failure to comply with this request can result in expulsion from Kawaii Kon.
    • Opening /Closing Ceremonies: Flash photography / video allowed throughout.
    • Cosplay Showcase . Flash photography / video allowed throughout.
    • Muscial Concerts . You may videotape from the side during the first 20 minutes of the event only. Non-flash photography is allowed throughout.

What is the best or most exciting day to attend Kawaii Kon?

  • Every day of KK is exciting but if there is a particular type of event you are looking for please check our online schedule. Your press pass will allow you access to Kawaii Kon all 3 days.

Where can I get information about the Guests?

  • As they are announced, all guest biographies will be posted on our website under the Guest tab on the top menu bar.

My question wasn’t answered. Who can I follow up with?

Who can I talk to if I don’t meet the press requirements but think I should still be given a press pass?