Video Game Tournaments

The Kawaii Kon Video Gaming Room will be hosting more tournaments than ever before! Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! APEX Legends! Fortnite Battle Royale! DOTA2**! League of Legends! Rainbow Six Siege! PUBG! Overwatch! Tekken 7! Street Fighter V! Dragon Ball Fighter Z!

Kawaii Kon 2019 Tournament Schedule


  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate; 2v2 Teams; $10 entry per team; 2PM Start
  • Fortnite Battle Royale; Duos (Pickup group or Premade); $20 entry per player; 5PM Start
  • Dragon Ball Fighter Z; $10 entry; 6PM Start
  • DOTA 2; Finals; Spectating only **Signups and preliminary rounds at PC Gamerz Hawaii; 7PM Start



  • Rainbow Six Siege; 5v5 (Pickup Group or Premade); $10 entry per player; 11AM Start
  • PUBG; Solo; $10 entry per player; 11AM Start
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate; Singles Finals; 11AM Start
  • Overwatch; Landomz 6v6; $10 entry per player; 1PM Start

Pro Gamers & Commentators

Presented by Odo Faction

Larry Lurr


Reigning and defending KKON Champ. Socals Finest. Legendary Fox player and Space Animal specialist. Has won every Hawaii tournament that he has been invited to since 2010.



Hawaii’s hero. Now residing in Socal. Best Pichu in the business. Sick combos and crazy highlights are his specialty. Driven to win KKON once again for his Smash Ohana. GSM GSM GSM!!!



The Peach god from Florida. Mild mannered and soft spoken in person. Relentless and intense
in game. Insane combo execution and lighting fast movement. Sooner or later everyone gets crowned by this Princess.



Socals Link specialist. Patient, cunning and precise. Dedicated Lab Monster that is constantly
pushing the limits of his character and breaking new ground.



Commentator and MC for 2GGaming in Socal. Always brings the Zfly Hype.



Born and raised in Hawaii. Commentator and TO for 2GGaming in Socal. Passionate and energetic. Part time esports coach/instructor and aspiring video editor.



A rising star in Socal. Fox and Pichu co-main. One of Socals biggest threats despite only being 18 years old. Avid supporter of all things Anime.

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