Console VGM is a “video game music” rock band hailing from Honolulu, Hawai’i known for their epic arrangements of retro game tracks and high-energy live shows. With a diverse musical palette, they deliver a pixel-perfect nostalgia blast from paradise!

Driven by a mission to unite game music fans worldwide and revitalize iconic tracks for new generations, Console was founded in March 2017 by guitarists Brian Roberts and Cullen ( ). Bonding over their shared passion for VGM, they quickly enlisted keyboardist Eric, a talented audio engineer and seasoned gamer, to complete the core trio.

Initially making waves through local performances and a coveted main stage slot at Hawaii’s largest anime convention, Kawaii Kon, in 2019, Console faced challenges with members relocating and pandemic restrictions. Transitioning to online platforms like Twitch, they continued to connect with fans and create music, producing their “Chillin’ at Proto Man Sam’s” series and collaborating with other Twitch channels.

Re-emerging in 2021 with violinist Sean and new members Reece and Reika, Console thrilled audiences at local events, including a memorable performance at the 2022 Kawaii Kon closing ceremony. As they gear up for new adventures, including the release of their debut album “PRESS START” on February 24, 2024, Console VGM is primed to rock your nearest venue or convention stage with their fully-powered lineup, now including classical bassist Peter.