• Johnny Yong Bosch voice of Izaya Orihara
  • Steve Blum voice of Kyouhei Kodata

Ikebukuro…A city brimming with trouble…and the people who are swayed by them. The leader of the “Dollars” wanders, the missing “Yellow Scarves,” The wavering wielder of the demon sword “Saika,” the headless rider and underground doctor couple and the young informant who fights the most vicious man of Ikebukuro. For this new series new players will be joining these familiar face: a very inquisitive transfer student, a beautiful Russian handywoman, a handsome motorcycle gang leader, and a scarred gangster…each one will surely add to the drama! Once again, the streets of Ikebukuro will witness a series of mysterious incidents involved these eccentric characters.

(Action, Mystery, Supernatural, Dub, TV-14, Aniplex)