Laila Berzins is the voice of Xiao in Genshin Impact, Thorr in Fire Emblem Heroes, Milluki in HunterXHunter, Demeter and Persephone in Hades, Ken Oyanagi in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Rei Batsubami in Kakegurui, Lady Fanatio in Sword Art Online, Sofia Falcone in Batman the Long Halloween Part 2, Mrs. Croaker in Disney’s Amphibia, and many more. A Connecticut native, now living in the LA area, she has performed in theater and musicals, stand up comedy, A Capella groups, and studied improv. A true kid at heart, cartoon junkie, and known for being a human jukebox, Laila truly loves the opportunity to explore her imagination through voiceover and make her clients and fans happy, including the occasional serenade or kazoo solo! Laila can be heard in feature films, cartoons, video games, anime, commercials, narrations, and jingles.

Follow Laila on TikTok @lailaberzinsvoice , IG @lailab_voiceovers, Twitter @lberzins_voices , and Youtube – Laila Berzins Voice Overs.