Nami TAMAKI Biography
 In 2003, she made her debut with the single “Believe” released by Sony Music. The song placed 5th in the Weekly Single Chart in its first week of release. Her records have so far won the number―one spot on the album weekly chart twice. She has sung 4 opening and ending theme songs in total for the animation series “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED” and its sequel “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY”, making the most “Mobile Suit Gundam” series OP or ED songs sung by one singer. She is also an actress who has starred in many musicals and movies in Japan.

Works& Anime Tie-in
 ・”Believe” 2003.04.23(TV Anime『Mobile Suit Gundam SEED』 OP Theme) URL:
・”Realize” 2003.07.24(TV Anime『Mobile Suit Gundam SEED』OP Theme) URL:
・”Reason” 2004.11.10(TV Anime 『Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY』ED Theme) URL:
・”Fortune” 2005.01.26(Game 『RADIATA STORIES』 Theme)
・”Result” 2006.05.03(『Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY Special Edition Kudakareta Sekai』ED Theme)
・”Sanctuary” 2006.06.07(TV Anime 「KIBA」OP Theme) ・”Brightdown” 2007.08.29(TV Anime 『D.Gray-man』OP Theme)
・”GIVE ME UP” 2009.03.25(TV Anime 『Anime☆7 Yatterman』ED Theme)
・”Vivid Telepathy” 2014.11.19(TV Anime 『Shirogane No Ishi Argevolle』OP Theme)
・”ALL-WAYS” Yosuke Yamamoto feat. Nami TAMAKI 2016.05.25(TV Anime 「concrete Revolutio~superhuman ・・・fantasy~THE LAST SONG」ED Theme)
・“Connect the Truth” 2020.08.05(Drama『Ultraman』ED Theme)
・“BREAK THE CHAIN” 2020.08.28(TV Anime 『BATTLE SPIRITS -GALLET The Revolutionary-』 Theme)
・“Open the GATE” feat. Hiroshi Kitadani 2021.10.29(TV Anime 『BATTLE SPIRITS Mirage』 Theme)
・”Believe / THE FIRST TAKE” 2024.01.12(TV Anime『Mobile Suit Gundam SEED』 OP Theme) URL:
・”Reborn” 2024.01.24(『Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM』 official support song) URL:


■Live-show in Japan
 「Nami Tamaki 20th Anniversary LIVE -Ultimate- / -Almanac-」(Hanayashiki-Kagekijo: 1K)

「Nami Tamaki 20th Anniversary LIVE -Focus-」(Shibuya WWW X)
■Overseas Event Experience
2004.5 FANIMECON 2004 @Anaheim Convention Center in Southern California
2017.7.20 China Joy音楽嘉年華歌謡祭 @中国上海市
2023.11 AFA Singapore
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