Trash Taste is one of the top podcasts in the world and is hosted by TheAnimeMan, Gigguk, and CDawgVA. It has one of the top listener bases in the world over YouTube and Spotify. Trash Taste  also hold stream events on Twitch and upload them on their second YouTube channel, Trash Taste After Dark.

About Gigguk

Known as one of the pioneers of Anime Youtube, Gigguk makes videos about the world of anime. His satirical look and reviews on Anime has garnered him over 3 million subscribers. His most popular videos are parodies of anime called ‘Anime in Minutes’. He doesn’t eat pizza crusts and is a member of the Trash Taste Podcast.

About TheAnimeMan

Joey Bizinger, better known as The Anime Man, is a Japanese-Australian YouTuber with over 3 Mil+ subscribers. Since 2013, he has been reviewing, analyzing, and critiquing anime, otaku and Japanese culture in a comedic and cynical way. Aside from his main YouTube channel, you can catch him live on Twitch or on the Trash Taste Podcast.

About CDawgVA

Connor Colquhoun is a Japan-based Welsh online entertainer who is best known for his YouTube videos and Twitch streams as CDawgVA. He will go to great lengths to bring his audience joy, even at the cost of his own dignity. Connor is also a proud member of the Trash Taste Podcast.

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