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Anime Swap Meet 2024

By December 29, 20232024, Events, Front Page

Anime Swap Meet 2024

Clear some clutter, and make some cash or find some new things to add to your collection! The Anime Swap Meet is a part of the Hawaii Collectors Expo, and is intended for people to sell their gently used goods and collectables, and takes place on 24-25 February 2024 at the Neal Blaisdell Center

Rules to participate:

  • The Anime Swap Meet (ASM) is intended for used items, items from personal collections or self-made arts / crafts only: see detailed guideline of ASM-salable items below
  • You must be 18 years or older to sell at the Anime Swap Meet (ASM).
  • You must complete your registration online at the following link
  • Slots will be filled on a “first come, first served” basis. Booth space will be assigned on the first day of the event.
  • You must register no later than midnight 16 Feb 2024. All registration forms will be time stamped.
  • The vending fee covers BOTH days of ASM ($25). Payment must be paid at the information booth at the start of Saturday’s ASM
  • Setup time for each day starts at 8:30am and ends at opening at 10am.
  • Times for each day are: Saturday from 10am-8pm | Sunday 10am-5pm
  • No handcart use is allowed after the doors are open to the public. Handcarts may only be used either during setup before the doors are opened, or after closing when the doors are closed.
  • Each space is approximately 5′ x 5′ and will be pre-taped onto the floor.
  • TWO SPACES per person MAX, and you may share your space with one other person.
  • Please be mindful of your space and do not over-hang your items onto an adjacent space. 
  • Each seller is responsible for their own products, display, security, and safety.
  • As the vending space is on the floor, a low stool, floor mat / blanket / towel, or comfy cushion is allowed and suggested. You may also bring low (approx 20″ or lower) tables for displaying your goods. Full-height tables , shelves, display cases, or similar are NOT ALLOWED at the ASM.
  • You may bring 1 (ONE) full sized garment rack.
  • Electricity is not available for use. If there are outlets near your area, please do not use them or the venue may charge you a usage fee.

End of the Anime Swap Meet

You must stay at the show from opening to closing as the venue does not allow early pack-out. You may however, only stay for one day or the other if you so choose, but there will be no discount provided (so it will be $25 whether or not you stay for both days). Moving of any items into and / or out of the venue must occur only before the show opens or after it closes, so please plan accordingly.

If you choose to leave on Saturday before the show closes (and are planning to be back on Sunday), you may do so at your own risk. Completely covering your space with a sheet is a good deterrent but no guarantee of security of any goods left is given.

Items For Sale Guidelines

  • Items allowed for sale are limited to individuals selling off portions of their personal collection only
  • Self-made crafts and art commissions can be sold at the ASM
  • Although we are called the ‘Anime’ Swap Meet, items for sale are not required to be anime-related: you may include non-anime items for sale, too.
  • Items prohibited for sale at the ASM include:
    • Unlicensed, bootleg, or counterfeit goods and materials of any kind
    • Items purchased for resale or backstock of resale items 
    • Adult materials 
    • Food sales of any kind
    • Items that are illegal
    • Any items deemed questionable, unfit, unsafe or appear to fall outside of the spirit represented in these guidelines, as determined by the Kawaii Kon ASM crew and / or the Staff at the Hawaii Collectors Expo, who are the final arbiters.


  • Space for both Saturday and Sunday for one low price of only $25! If you only want to vend one day, the price will still be $25