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Props Policy Updates

By February 4, 20242024, Front Page

Heads up cosplayers! As you work on your cosplays for the convention, we want to bring a few policy changes to your attention.

🔫 Airsoft and waterguns have been added to the banned list
The list now includes:
🚫 Real guns
🚫 Metal pellet/BB guns
🚫 Airsoft of any type (even if deactivated or de-milled)
🚫 Water guns
⚠️ ‘Nerf’-type are allowed as long as no ammunition is present
⚔️ Metal props are now banned.
This includes metal props like:
🚫 Swords
🚫 Bludgeons
🚫 Knives
🚫 Kunai
🚫 etc
🔎 Metal detectors will be in use during the convention
Please visit our Prop Policy page for more details